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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We inspire the world to experience our destination.

Our Vision

Tourism Victoria will be internationally recognized as a leader in sustainable tourism development, ensuring Greater Victoria remains one of the top destinations in the world.

Brand Promise

Victoria is where old-world tradition meets new-world experiences. Our guests are rejuvenated by fresh ocean air and are inspired by our warm, island welcome and year-round, natural beauty.

Brand Definition: Full of LifeTM

Few places on earth are as full of life - on every level - as Victoria. From wildlife, to plant life, to arts and cultural life, our fair city offers a complete experience that is rejuvenating, fun filled and inspiring.

Full of life is exactly what and who we are. This moves the needle forward for Victoria and puts to rest, once and for all, the tired old definitions of us. Full of life personifies Victoria in a positive and true fashion.

Victoria British Columbia Full of Life is a registered Trade-mark of the Greater Victoria Visitors & Convention Bureau 

Brand Portfolio

The Greater Victoria Brand Portfolio is a marketing tool developed in 2013 to help simplify and explain our diverse offering to ourselves first so we can, in turn, effectively communicate them to our potential visitors. Showing potential visitors a consolidated destination with a wide variety of diverse experiences that are easy to categorize and understand allows us to be more competitive while maximizing economic impact throughout our region.

Brand Portfolio 

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