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Whale Watching

If you're looking for a whale watching experience that involves more than spotting a whale blow in the distance, you've come to the right place.

The waters around Victoria are home to the southern resident community of endangered killer whales, or orcas. Yes, that means they actually live right here. In fact, the 80 or so resident orcas are seen so frequently in these parts that some of the city's whale watching companies offer guaranteed sightings in the summer months.

We're not a one-trick pony though: you can also spot grey, humpback and minke whales in the area. Plus, most whale watching trips involve a stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, home to a sea lion colony and a variety of birds.

Opt for an exhilarating experience on a Zodiac (bonus: you get to wear one of those super sexy space suits) or if you're feeling a little more sedate, most companies offer a cozier, covered option.

Victoria, BC

So awesome, it's beyond words!

Victoria, BC. So awesome...It's beyond words

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