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Author: Daniela Cubelic

Daniela grew up in Victoria but spent time travelling the world before returning home to start Silk Road in 1992. Silk Road is located in Victoria’s Chinatown. Silk Road is renowned for premium quality organic tea and an all natural line of incredible skin and bodycare products, all made in Victoria. Silk Road also has an award winning in-store spa and houses North America’s first Tea Tasting Bar – where you can explore tea history, culture and the exotic world of tea flavours. Daniela is a Tea Master who received her training with Chinese and Taiwanese Tea Masters and Herbalists. She is also an expert on the history and culture of tea, and has a passion for exploring innovative ways to enjoy tea and was named one of Western Canada’s Top 40 Foodies under 40. “Look out, Red Rose.. Cubelic has helped change the way the West sees tea.” - Western Living Magazine, October 2008. From making gourmet tea popsicles, to dazzling tea cocktails, and cooking with tea, something delicious and tea-related is always brewing when Daniela’s around! Daniela is also an avid foodie and stylish fashionista who loves discovering new culinary finds, as well as fabulous shopping experiences. As a native Victorian, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the city and the island, as well as how much it has changed for the better in recent years. She is also very involved in the local community, and is currently Chair of the Victoria Dragonboat Festival Society, a world-class Dragonboat Festival which takes place every August, in Victoria’s gorgeous Inner Harbour.



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