Going Local Blog

Author: John Luton

I’ve been cycling for transportation since 1969 and have lived cycling every since. For several years I cycled competitively and touring off an on, cycling to destinations within reach of my home in Victoria and took the big leap with a friend to go touring in England. Afterwards I ended up in Ottawa where I absorbed a more Canadian experience called winter. It didn’t discourage my cycling though and a few years later I had opened a bicycle store with some friends. We were soon one of Ottawa’s most popular stores and introduced mountain biking to the capital. Winters had me touring again, chasing the sun to Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica and Ecuador. All have been great places to ride. I made it back to Victoria in 1994 where, alongside a busy job, I managed to get back into racing on the road, on the track and occasionally on the trails. I had a career change when governments changed in 2001. I had always worked a political life and it helped me launch my next endeavour as full time bike advocate, helping to make Victoria the cycling Capital of Canada. For the last year I’ve been a Victoria city councillor and it has broadened my focus, but my bike still gets me where I want to go.



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