Going Local Blog

Author: Philip Pierce

I'm a person who is driven by a deep love of artistic expression. It's in my blood. My family tree is full of performers. My grandfather sang with the Arion Male Voice Choir and was a long time member of the Salvation Army International Staff Band, playing from time to time for the royal family at Buckingham Palace. My grandmother sang and was a published poet. My mother danced and still performs as a singer. My father plays almost every instrument there is. And I inherited every ounce of their cumulative artistic passion. My mother started me on piano and voice lessons when I was very young. By the age of seven I was a soprano in a local choir and from there (at least as far as singing goes) my next 20 years was a blur of different choirs, music camps, musicals, pageants, and of course my nylons a cappella cover group "The Leotards". At age 12 I found the martial arts and took training very seriously for the next 15 years. Early on in high school, our school’s dance teacher saw me stretching on the stage and asked me to give dance a try. I did, and was hooked. Fast forward a *cough* few more years and I'm still dancing today. Factor in a lifelong steady diet of drama and musical theatre (thanks to my mother) and you will get me. I sing, I dance, I watch, and I write. But most of all I simply search out and bathe in as much of this amazing city's artistic culture as humanly possible. It's just what I do. -PP



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