Cycling Along Dallas Road Well, here it is. My first blog for Tourism Victoria. I'm looking forward to sharing stories from time spent in the saddle or occasionally, exploring Victoria on foot. It's a great place to ride and a great place to walk. Did you know that more people here choose cycling or walking for transportation than in any other city in Canada? It's not just the weather but it does help. This morning I had to drag myself away from the computer where one task or another always awaits, but the lure of the bike was stronger. It was a sunny, pleasant sort of February day in Victoria. Crocuses poking through in gardens around town, gentle waves washing up along the shoreline, joggers out for a run along the cliffs of Dallas Rd on the city's southern coastline. 8 or 9 degrees (that's Celsius of course). Perfect winter day. Managed to squeeze in 30 km or so in the brief time I had. Missed the lunchtime crowds that clutter the Galloping Goose trail that connects the city to the suburbs and beyond. I would have liked to put in some more distance - and some more shoreline - but duty called. Took the short route home to check out suburban Shelbourne St. where local transportation planners are starting to look at the future of the corridor. In the cycling capital of Canada, it's a street that needs to catch up. I'll drop into an open house this week to offer up some ideas for a better cycling environment. Just felt like pushing the pedals today so I skipped the fish store across from Fisherman's Wharf and my favourite Sushi Shop on Shelbourne in Saanich. I'll have to get back later in the week. You know how it goes when you are cycling - ride to eat, eat to ride. Victoria has it all and fueling up at the bakery sure beats pumpin' gas. See you on the road.