Cherry Blossoms in Victoria Like a ray of sunshine through a cloudy sky a few hours opened up in my day. I grabbed the time and went looking for a ride to fill the morning before one meeting or another loomed over my schedule. It was a blustery day and the trees were being in every direction. It wasn't clear where the wind was coming from, or where it would blow me too. Best, as always, to ride into the breeze at the start and take advantage of a tailwind to push me home when the legs are tired and the hills are behind me. Waves were crashing the beaches along Dallas Road along Victoria's waterfront as I warmed up for a westerly pedal. No sooner did I get down the road, though, when the wind seemed to change direction and I had to recalibrate. As I headed through downtown, the scent of spring was in the air, and the pink palette of cherry blossoms painted rows of trees lining the streets. Better test my legs, I thought, and off to the forests and hills of nearby Saanich I headed, hoping to catch some respite from the tumultuous winds. I wasn't alone. Out along the shores off Prospect Lake another cyclist rolled by me and I quickly matched his pace. I stayed with him for a few kilometres before he veered off in another direction and I pushed on toward the city again. Heading back to home the sun still shone but I found myself struggling against a headwind. No matter though as a reward was there waiting. A croissant our two, a bowl of fresh fruit, a hot espresso and the feeling that many warm days lie ahead. I know it's February, but it is Victoria, and spring is almost always in the air.