Violette VeldorIn my opinion, there's nothing like a new pair of earrings to rejuvenate one's spirits and one's wardrobe at the same time.  They can add sparkle or drama to an outfit, make you feel sassy, uber-trendy or sophisticated, or add a layer of fabulousness to an ensemble.  Depending on the pair, earrings can also be a great way to try out an entirely new look without committing to something permanent, (unlike a new haircut or hair colour).  They can also be an incredibly affordable little indulgence, and despite their relatively small size (and cost) earrings can make a big statement. Every once in a while, I feel the irresistible pull to pick up a new pair of earrings, and that usually means a trip to Violette Veldor - a delightful jewellery store located on Government St., between View and Yates St.  It's only a 5 minute walk from work for me, so I can stop by on a lunch break and return to work with an added spring in my step, and delicious new earrings dangling from my ears. Violette Veldor is a locally owned business, and the owner has a great eye for fashionable jewellery.  There is also always an ever-changing selection, in a wide variety of price points and styles. I recently stopped in and picked up a dazzling pair of gold earrings shaped to look like leaves.  These earrings are larger, more glittery, and more gold than what I usually tend to lean towards, but for some reason as soon as I saw them, I was compelled to purchase them.  Perhaps it was seeing all those gold medals at the Vancouver Olympics that made me crave something gold of my own, but whatever the reason, I've loved this new pair!  They add a sophisticated element to all-black outfits, and look elegant with an ivory and gold scarf that I bought ages ago (a testament to how earrings really can rejuvenate your wardrobe and make you re-think and re-work some of your old clothes!).  They also look equally good with jeans for a more casual look. Perhaps best of all, this new pair was only about $30, making it very easy to take a fashion risk, which in this case turned out to be the right move. In addition to Violette Veldor, if you're looking for more places to get great jewellery, check out Bernstein and Gold, Rebel Rebel (neither of which specialize in jewellery but often have good finds) as well as Adore and Artina's.  Happy Shopping!