Spring Daffodils by John Caruana It’s been awhile since my last blog, but there were some good riding days sprinkled in amongst the rain showers of March. It’s true. It does rain in Victoria and sometimes, it seems, I’m halfway through a sunny ride when a dark cloud sneaks in to water the flowers for the annual count in February. Victorians love to count their billions of blooms and share the news with friends from more wintry climes. I’ve nudged my bikes over the 1,000 km mark for the year so far but it never seems to be enough. The pink snow of the cherry blossoms are filling gutters a couple of weeks early and every road I’m on is flanked by clusters of feral daffodils, a ray of sunshine in the riot of green. What other splashes of our colourful palette am I missing when other tasks keep me off the road. I try to find time, on weekday mornings, after the commuters have parked for the day and the roads grow quieter, to explore the subtle changes of season and the fragrances of spring. My work day is eclectic and I can justify playing hooky when I know I’ll be putting time into an evening meeting or work session. I’be been checking out new pieces of our rail with trail project, out in the heart of Langford where they are trying hard to be bike friendly. At other times I’ve circled the airport checking in on their new trail and, hidden behind the municipal hall, a new mountain bike dirt park for kids. Bicycle lanes are also in progress in the area and I wanted to have a look at those too. Elsewhere, I’m exploring a bike race course that rural Metchosin wants to host and too often, lately, analyzing places where some of our cycling network is struggling to stay intact. It’s all good though. If I’m lucky enough to start before the rain falls, I’m usually warmed up well enough to enjoy the ride anyway. Don’t know who said it first, but it’s a truism that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Gotta go. I hear a bakery meeting calling my name and I’m hoping to skip the short way there for a longer ride if I can.