Victoria Harbour FerriesThe Victoria Harbour Ferries are a fleet of charming mini ferries that travel throughout Victoria's iconic Inner Harbour.  You can choose to take short trips to specific destinations, spend several hours hopping on and off at various stops, or stay on board for guided tours. I'm a fan of hopping on and off, because there are many great places to stop for a drink, some delicious snacks, or to take in an incredible lunch or dinner, and you can also enjoy some superb shopping along the way. My first trip aboard a Victoria Harbour Ferry came about because my niece who lived out of town was visiting, and I thought it would be fun to take her on a trip along the harbour.  But on that first ride, I was instantly bewitched by the beautiful views, the ocean air, and the various stops that you could visit along the way, so now I find excuses to enjoy a trip aboard a ferry, whether I have guests in town or not! Some of my favourite stops include: -Spinnaker's Gastro-Brewpub, which is Canada's oldest brewpub, and remains renowned today for terrific beer and excellent food featuring local ingredients.  They have excellent views of the Inner Harbour and the Olympic Mountains as well. -Reeson Landing, which is steps away from the Lojo District, and a gateway to fabulous boutique shopping. -Rice Mill Landing, which is one block from Victoria's Historic Chinatown and happens to be my absolutely FAVOURITE part of the city.  Victoria's Chinatown is Canada's Oldest, and it's a vibrant and colourful area. Enjoy excellent Dim Sum or dinner at Don Mee Restaurant. -Point Ellice House, which has a beautiful garden that contains some very unique heirloom flowers, trees and vegetables.  Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea there, and visit the intriguing historic museum. -The chic and trendy Glo-Europub, which has one of Victoria's most beautiful waterside outdoor patios, and some great food and delicious cocktails as well. -Dockside Green which is a new residential development renowned for leading edge sustainable design and principles.  Check out Fol Epi Bakery for artisanal breads and pastries which make foodie Victorians swoon.  Serious coffee lovers will adore Caffe Fantastico. -Fisherman's Wharf is a fun stop for Fish & Chips. -Aura, which is an award winning restaurant and lounge with stunning vistas of the Inner Harbour, and the food and cocktails are equal to the view!  It's located within the Inn at Laurel Point.  There's also a gorgeous outdoor patio, and it is the perfect destination for drinks or a romantic dinner for two. This Sunday May 16, from 9:00am-1:00 pm the Victoria Harbour Ferries are hosting a fun "Harbour Holiday Fest" event.  There will be free harbour ferry hops, and complimentary food samples and interesting activities will take place at the various ferry stops. Even if you aren't in town for this event, be sure to check out the Victoria Harbour Ferries on your trip to Victoria.  They are equally enjoyable if you're taking a family vacation, or if you're on a romantic getaway.  Check out their Harbour Holiday Pass this summer which is good for two days of unlimited Harbour Hops and also offers discounts on many of the best harbour-side restaurants, pubs, spas and experiences. $30 per person or $60 for a family of four.