We’ve been feeling under attack by the weather lately. Spring was cool and wet, and summer seems to be blowing into town with full gale force winds. For a bicycle rider, it’s always about the weather. How wet, how cold and which way is the wind blowing. But, as someone once said, I can’t remember who, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Still, the roads and trails seem full enough, despite the wild variety of weather we've had of late. Bike to Work Week, a Victoria tradition for 16 years now, saw almost a thousand bikes an hour crowd through checkpoints on the popular Galloping Goose. Out and about across the region I saw evidence of touring cyclists exploring the backroads, panniers loaded up and pouring over maps by the roadside. With cycling, you don’t get rained out like a round of golf or a baseball game, but it does take some preparation. I kept the fenders on longer than usual and the outfits I usually reserve for winter were kept clean and ready for my daily commute or a trip on some errand or another. We are a green city and I suppose we do need to be watered now and again. But I am looking forward to the hot, dry weeks of summer and a spin out to the lake for a swim or a long climb up to some viewpoint or another, to take in the expanse of the city or the subtle palette of the Sooke hills in the background. The changes of the seasons are inevitable, and welcome. There’s no end of other reasons to ride. The racing season is on and the training rides are filling up with Victoria’s ambitious young riders. Morning and afternoon rush hours see a constant pulse of bike traffic going to and fro. The waterfront is busy with weekend riders of families and friends enjoying the scenery and taking in the vistas. Kids are pedaling to the parks. No matter the season, no matter the weather, there’s always a reason to ride. Think I better go for one myself.