TASTE is a 4 day culinary festival from July 15-18 that I have been eagerly awaiting all year! We have many amazing culinary events in Victoria, but I would put this one right at the pinnacle as this city's premier food and wine festival, because it gives you an incredible diversity of experiences and flavours, and showcases the best of local cuisine from top Vancouver Island chefs, farmers, cheesemakers, BC vintners and regional food producers.  In fact, TASTE is beyond a festival - it's really a culinary adventure that educates, inspires and delights anyone who loves good food and drink. Taste is worth the trip to Victoria alone, and even if you have been here many times before, you'll be impressed with the incredible food and drinks that are being grown, produced and created here. Our mild Mediterranean climate allows us to grow an abundance of food locally and our coastal location gives us access to unparalleled fresh seafood. But what also makes an equally big impact is our culinary community - we are a city filled with talented chefs and discerning and passionate foodies, and it is the unique combination of all of these factors which helps explain why we have ended up turning into such a gastronomic paradise. The deliciousness begins on Thursday, July 15th with The Main Event at Crystal Garden. You'll get to taste over 100 wines, along with an abundance of local cuisine.  More culinary and wine events take place around Victoria throughout the weekend from “Swine and the Vine”, "Sips & Seafood", to “Wine Tasting with the International Culinary School” to “Chocoholics Anonymous”!  For tickets and information visit www.VictoriaTaste.com