The Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival is underway! Over the past 24 years this annual event has evolved into a much anticipated local institution and major tourist attraction for our town. Artists from around the world have joined Victoria’s most talented performers in this 11 day theatrical showcase running August 26 – September 5 at various venues within walking distance of the downtown core. The first night of the festival I went to see “Ginger Ninjas” by Elliott Loran & Ingrid Hansen (directed by Atomic Vaudeville’s Britt Small). There’s nothing random about the fact that Ginger Ninjas was scheduled first on my list of shows to see at the Fringe this year. I’m a huge Ingrid Hansen fan. In my June review of Hansen’s Gnomeward Bound , I signed off with “Forbløffende Ingrid. I’ll be the first one in line to see your next show.” As it turns out I was second in line, but I’m pretty sure the woman in front of me camped out in front of Venue 1 last night, so I don’t feel too bad. Like I said, I’m a fan… not a stalker. Gnomeward was a one woman show. This time Hansen is joined by the talented Elliott Loran. Together they are incredibly strong. Great chemistry. Balanced. A perfect match. The duo play Nicholas Renfrew III and his twin sister Francesca, or “Frankie and Nubbs”: foster kids, adventurers, ninjas. The storyline follows the two as they escape from the modern child welfare system and run off in search of their long lost biological brother. Sometimes heavy, sometimes humorous, the journey’s emotional cadence will keep you engaged and off balance the entire time. From a night at the circus to a day of Rumspringa! it’s a lot to take in. And yeah... I mean that in the best, and most satisfying way. Both actors deliver rock solid performances, as expected. These two are consummate professionals with so much to offer. I highly recommend getting out to the Fringe and seeing Ginger Ninjas. It’s sure to be one of the festivals highlights this year! For more information visit