House boat at Fisherman's Wharf Last week, my husband and son wanted to treat me to a special day in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. To satisfy our two-year-old’s excitement towards vehicles of any kind, we threw on our walking shoes and headed for the bus stop. One of the neatest things about taking a transit bus here in Victoria is that there is always a good chance the bus will be a double decker, which is a special treat. When we arrived to the Inner Harbour we decided to take a long overdue ride on a Harbour Ferry (aka pickle boat). On the way to the dock, we stopped to check out the artisans and buskers along the Inner Harbour causeway. My son was quite surprised to see that the Copper Cowgirl “statue” was actually a human mannequin, who gracefully entertained him with friendly gestures and eloquent movements. Our pickle boat ride certainly delivered on smiles. Not only was the skipper friendly and enthusiastic about taking our little guy for his very first boat ride, but he was also extremely knowledgeable about Victoria and eager to share his knowledge. Although we were only on for a short hop over to Fisherman’s Wharf, he still took the time to share some historic insights along the way. As we approached Fisherman’s Wharf, I realized that I have been seriously missing out on one of the neatest features of our harbour city. This was my first visit to Fisherman’s Wharf since moving to Victoria over three years ago. As it turned out, the float homes were having their annual Open House and the Wharf was buzzing with activity. The docks were bustling with visitors of every age enjoying fresh seafood made to order. As we meandered along, it did not take long to meet the stars of the show, the harbour seals. In case you did not know, harbour seals are not the most modest creatures in the world. They are cute, they know it and they flaunt it. We watched a family of harbour seals frolic and flirt with their audience. One little girl and her mom offered a well-deserved reward for their show in the form of a little snack. Now if that is not enough, we continued down the docks and came across the new Pirate Adventures tent. This new family attraction is something our family is VERY excited for, considering we spend most nights at home playing Captain Horton. After some well spent time in the Pirate tent playing with all of the props and paraphernalia we walked over to the new Pirate Adventures ship, Black Spirit. A couple of other families were also admiring the vessel talking about how much fun the tours will be. Pirate Adventure's Black Spirit Water Canons Then, the luckiest thing happened. The crew member on deck invited my little guy on to the ship to check it out! My son and I hopped aboard with excitement and instantly were immersed into an imaginary world of pirates, which got even better when the crew fired up the water cannons on the ship! If there is one thing that gets a kid excited, it’s playing pirates firing water cannons into the water. On the same note, if there is one thing that gets a mom and dad excited, it’s seeing that wide-eyed sparkle in their child’s eye of utter amazement.  We left Pirate Adventures, having only a sneak peek of what adventures are to be and what stories are be told, but it certainly left a big impression on our household. We will certainly be back for the tour this summer. As we made our way back home a mere two and a half hours later, I was reminded why I am so in love with living in this city. The ability to venture out and experience so much in a short time is what it’s all about when travelling with young children, or in my case, a young swashbuckler!