I think it is safe to finally say quietly amongst ourselves (as to not scare off the timid creature) SUMMER IS HERE!! I say this quietly at first because it has thus far been ever so shy about letting the sun peek its brilliant face out from behind the clouds and share some sweet sweet rays with us all. What else brings about summer for me? The volume of events that take place in the city of Victoria, of course!

This weekend is going to be a doozy. A major cool event in the Inner Harbour is the Jumpship Competition. Jumpship is a Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour event that is part of the inaugural Victoria International Cycling Festival.

Jumpship is a dirt jump event on the global stage that only a few coastal cities can properly host. This is due to the entire event taking place on a 55m x 15m (180’x50’) barge that is being tugged into the Inner Harbour. A beer gardens, live DJ and practice rides for amateur FMB enthusiasts will also take place during the event.

The barge itself is an amazing feat of design and engineering. Completely covered in dirt over a wooden framed track, the course on the top of the barge was designed by world famous FMB rider and course designer Jordie Lunn. It includes some massive jumps, drops and is more technically advanced than most Freeride tracks, in that it has a 180 degree turn half way through the course to run the length of the ship twice.

The Lunn designed Jumpship course is expected to challenge the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour elite this weekend, and some of the big names that are signed up to compete include:

This is just a highlight of riders attending. You can find more details about the course, riders and the event on the Jumpship website.

Be sure to check out the Jumpship’s Facebook and contest page to throw your hat into the ring for some awesome experiences and prizes that are up for grabs through the great Dockside Harbour Bike Society sponsor businesses like Harbour Air, Vancouver Island Brewery, The Zone FM and more!

The schedule of events kicks off on Friday at 2PM with live music while the riders go through warm ups, and carries through to Sunday evening with an award ceremony. A full schedule of events can be found at the Jumpship events page, as well as some highlights below:

Friday, June 10
2 pm - 7 pm - Rider Practice and Live DJs
2 pm - 7 pm Vancouver Islander Gardens Open

Saturday, June 11
12 pm  Vancouver Islander Gardens Open, Live DJs
2 pm - 5 pm FMB World Tour Qualifying Rounds

Sunday, June 12
2 - 5 pm FMB World Tour Finals
Podium Ceremony to Follow

Crowds are expected to be at the Symphony Splash levels of volume, so make sure to come out early, wear a hat and sunscreen and enjoy the show in the Inner Harbour this weekend!