This ten day musical showcase started with humble roots back in 1985 with a tiny operating budget and only a few days to showcase the artists involved. Fast forward 27 years, and it has become a major festival that draws artists and fans from across the globe to our little corner of the world.

Victoria JazzFest has grown some deep roots in the culture of Victoria partly because of the dedication of the directing organization’s (Victoria Jazz Society) enthusiastic support of local and developing artists. By cultivating young students through scholarships (shameless student support plug here) and embracing a full spectrum of classic jazz music and other forms of improvised music musicians have an opportunity to showcase their talent to all who will listen.

The Victoria Jazz Society has also recently created a trendy and free iPad/iPhone app. This app is packed with so much information that you could spend the whole festival researching which act to see and when. I do not fully recommend this route however, as Jazz is definitely best experienced live in an intimate and interactive form so don’t spend the whole time looking at your phone!

The TD JazzFest app is also highly recommended because the ten day schedule has grown into an event that completely takes over the city. With shows playing in venues all over town it is just so easy to be able to check the live updating application and find the artist, the time and the venue you desire.

Speaking of the artists and venues, did I mention there are over 60 acts performing this year?

Check out this video of a live performance from the amazing Lucinda Williams:

Some more fantastic artists include:

All artists can be found in venues around Victoria including:

The names and places of the JazzFest could fill a small novel if listed all at once, so I will leave it to the iPhone/iPad app to take care of showing you who is performing. The important thing is that you get out there and soak up the cool!

From June 24th to July 3rd, Jazz Fest is rocking Victoria with eclectic artists from your backyard and the globe with smooth beats and attitude to match. I know summer has not been keeping its end of the promise yet this year, but you can be guaranteed that the Victoria Jazz Society has set up another festival that will bring the heat!