Market Square

Over the course of the last 12 years, Victoria’s Ska Fest has grown to be internationally recognized as an annual Ska paradise. Due to the easy going nature on Vancouver Island, bands are thrilled to come for a visit and share their unique blend of music and theatrics with the local community. The popularity and interest in local Ska bands has also increased steadily over the last dozen years and Ska Fest will have no shortage of homegrown artists for you to enjoy.

Victoria's 12th Annual Ska Fest (a.k.a. The Festival of the People) marks another huge milestone for the Victoria Ska Society. International bands have continuously shown huge support for the event. This year alone, the Victoria Ska Society received over 300 requests for a gig during the festival. While there is not enough time for all that talent to be on display in this year’s festival, Ska Fest will provide an amazing variety of acts from around the world and right here in Victoria.

Running from July 5 to 9, Ska Fest has a listing of the venues and artists available for everyone to check out on their Facebook page. There is also a complete event listing for everything Ska Fest on their website and tickets are on sale now, so make sure to take a look! If you are unfamiliar with the Ska music genre, be sure to check out their Ska Fest Music Player to get a feel for the diversity of the sounds and familiarize yourself with some of the bands!

If you are out and about in Victoria this week, be sure to take a wander by Market Square and Ship Point in the Inner Harbour to check out some of the performances. The events are family friendly with a variety of food stands available and there are beer gardens open for those of you who can present the proper identification.

Personally, I know I am looking forward to catching the Planet Smashers. The unique act from Montreal has captured attention with catchy riffs and energetic shows across North America since the mid '90’s. Save Friday, July 8 on your calendar to come out to check them out!

Ska music is awesome for anyone who is unfamiliar with the unique sound. The unparalleled variety of acts is sure to provide entertainment for one and all.  Since the Victoria forecast is for sun, smiles and smooth grooves this week, be sure to come out and enjoy yourselves!