Attention Calgarians!

Three ocean creatures are on the lam from Victoria and we think they are headed for your city!

The good news is that our hotel partners are giving away a West Coast Adventure trip for four to beautiful Victoria, BC in a bid to get these creatures back home where they belong! Please take a good gander at the bandits below, keep your eyes peeled for them and if you spot one, please help spread the word by posting their picture on our Facebook page. We have also set up a Twitter hash tag #VicSeaPals to help track their whereabouts until they are home safe.

Wanted: Sol the SealSol the Seal

See Sol swim in the Pacific. See Sol chase fish. See Sol make a break for Calgary. Huh? Yes, Sol is a Harbour Seal on the lam from Victoria, BC. Why any harbour seal would like to escape the placid and picturesque waters of Victoria's Inner Harbour is a mystery. Perhaps it was a yearning to try a little lake fishing. Perhaps he simply wanted to become a landlubber. In any case, a lot of people in Victoria want him back. If you see Sol, please do approach him, wag you finger at him and tell him that Victoria's Hotel Grand Pacific is going to great lengths to ensure his return. How will you know it's Sol? Well, he'll be unshaven for a start. He may also have breath bad enough to make your eyes water.

Simon the SalmonSimon the Salmon

If you know anything about Pacific Salmon, you'd know that salmon are “anadromous” - a rather fancy word that means they hatch in fresh water, migrate to salt water and then return to fresh water again. Simon, a Chinook salmon from the waters around Victoria did not get this memo. You see, recently Simon swam from the Pacific and then east up the Fraser River into central BC. That was not the strange part. The strange part was how he hitched a ride to Calgary once he reached Revelstoke. Well! Victoria wants Simon back. In fact, the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort has specifically asked all Calgarians to keep an eye out for him. If you see Simon, you'll know it. He'll look confused and unfamiliar with his surroundings - a bit like a fish out of water.

Orland the Orca

Orland the Orca

Orland is a transient killer whale from the waters off Victoria BC. Why is he transient? Because he's escaped to Calgary, that's why! Yes, in a bid to be the first Orca to ever start a cattle ranch in Alberta, Orland hitched a ride to Calgary on a semi trailer. The two things most people want to know is A. Why would a whale want to start a cattle ranch? and, B. How does a 5,000 kg whale “hitch a ride on a semi trailer”? If you see Orland in Calgary, ask him these questions and report back immediately to his adopted family at The Fairmont Empress Hotel. You might also inform him that cattle ranching is no way of life for a marine mammal. Orland's description can be summed up in four words: big, black and white.

A tremendous thank you to our hotel partners who were so eager to support this campaign in attempt to rescue our confused little friends. Once we return them safely to the Pacific Ocean where they belong, we will reward one lucky supporter to a West Coast Adventure for four!

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