Victoria Butterfly Gardens WaterfallNo, I haven’t lost my marbles; Victoria is home to a tropical jungle! The Victoria Butterfly Gardens may just be a quick trip down the road, but the experience transports you thousands of kilometres away.  

The Gardens is approximately ½ an hour outside of the downtown core, and is just off the Pat Bay Highway leading to and from the ferry terminal and the airport.

With 12,000 square feet of space to present stunning colours, aromas and characters, the Butterfly Gardens is a step out from the regular visage of the Greater Victoria region. Of course, there are butterflies to see … over 3,000 of them and they are spectacular! The Butterflies are imported from sustainable Butterfly farms in tropical countries like the Philippines and Costa Rica and there are around 75 different species around at any time.

The rainbows of little winged friends are not the only personalities to visit in the Gardens. There are lots of other flora and fauna to encapsulate your senses. Many of the fish and birds that populate the Gardens have names and personalities that identify them. “Spike” is a Peruvian Puna Ibis and two of the Caribbean Flamingo’s are “Mango” and “Houdini”. These living characters roam the grounds of the Gardens, which is alive itself. A unique contained eco system exists inside the Butterfly Gardens that is a complete tropical experience much like what you would expect from those locations of the world, but this is without all the hassle of the travel and time zone adjusting.

Literally thousands of different plants are featured and the carefully orchestrated variety of trees, bushes, vines, flowers and creepers create the tropical climate. Filled with warm temperatures, bright colors and aromatic scents, there is a sensory explosion with you at the epicentre.

The Butterfly Gardens are an awesome experience when you are a single soul like me or when you are out and about with the whole family. Yet, I definitely get the feeling that it is an ideal date night too! The warm sensations of the location as well as the intimate interaction with the exotic life inside create an atmosphere in which a couple can escape everyday life and get lost in together while exploring.Butterfly Gardens Flamingo's Mango and Houdini

I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t take an opportunity to mention all the free stuff you have a chance at getting with the Butterfly Gardens! The Gardens are engaging their fans with social media and contests. If you haven’t been to their Facebook page, you should go now. Don’t worry, I will wait right here.

Back? OK. I hope you entered the current contest they have. Every month is a new chance to win a great prize, like this month (only a few days left!) is a tea set. When August hits, it is something completely new again, so I recommend hitting the “like” button on their page and returning often for your chance at free swag.

Whether you are out for a date, out for a day or out as a family, Victoria’s Butterfly Gardens is the place to be. Since summer has mostly let us down so far, why not escape to a tropical paradise right in Victoria’s backyard?