Sol the Harbour Seal has been Seal-napped!

On a recent excursion to Calgary with his two ocean buddies Orland the Orca and Simon the Salmon, Sol has disappeared.

Last seen outside the Original Joe's on 4th Street last weekend, Sol is believed to have been seal-napped. Though no one has made any claims of responsibility, we hope no one is attempting to physically return him to Victoria. He is very heavy!

Being an ocean-based critter, Sol isn't able to get to far on land. Standing at over five feet tall and weighing approximately 450 lbs, Sol must have made a big impression on several Calgarians with the manpower and towing capacity to pack him and make a break for it overnight without witnesses.

Victoria's Hotel Grand Pacific has been championing his return to Victoria since he disappeared from the placid and picturesque waters of Victoria's Inner Harbour last month. As far as we know, Simon the Salmon and Orland the Orca are still splashing around town in Calgary safe and sound.

Our hotel partners are giving away a West Coast Adventure trip for four to beautiful Victoria, BC as a reward to help get these creatures back home. You can enter the contest at and if you record a sighting you are rewarded with an additional entry.

If you spot Sol, Simon or Orland, be sure to let us know by tweeting their location to @victoriavisitor with the hashtag #VicSeaPals or via the Facebook page

As a harbour seal, Sol stands out in the Calgary crowd. An unshaven face, thick wiry moustache and breath so bad your eyes will water help in identification too.