Victoria is a great place to have a drink! Taking a tour through the many microbreweries in Victoria, a traditional cider house in Saanich and a spirits producer in West Saanich will quench your thirst of a local experience while whetting your whistle at the same time. Many of these businesses are family run and are more than happy to share their story. Victoria is home to successful microbreweries of Driftwood BreweryVancouver Island Brewery, Spinnaker's Brewpub and many more. These microbreweries have given a new identity for beer. They produce craft beer that is no longer only meant to drink with the game. Restaurants are creating three course meals paired different types of beer and breweries are participating in culinary events across B.C. About a month ago I had the pleasure of taking a tour through Sea Cider, which is located in Saanich. Sea Cider is bringing back the traditional English style of producing cider. Their cider is produced with champagne yeast which is known to produce sparkling wine. They offer a variety of ciders from very dry to sweet like a dessert wine. Before leaving I recommended you try the rumrunner cider. It is produced in rum barrels! Only a 20 minute drive away from Sea Cider is Victoria Spirits, a national producer of Sprits, which includes their premium and quite famous Victoria Gin. Victoria Spirits’ products are handcrafted on a wood fired copper pot still. The still is quite the sight to see, so I suggest on our way back from Sea Cider stopping and taking a tour through their quaint distillery and tasting room. If you want to hit a few designations at one time, a safe and fun way is to organize a transportation service. LA Limousines, Wilson’s Transportation and Vancouver Island Coach Lines offer different transportation options that take you from door to door while you enjoy a good pour!