It’s official–the weather is getting warmer in Victoria. As I write this blog, after a glorious Canada Day, the forecast is looking good which is great news for all lovers of the outdoors, namely runners like me. Now I know what you may be thinking, we can enjoy the great trails and pathways all year round here. But we still yearn for the really warm weather and blue skies, so we can enjoy a run with delightful sea breezes on Dallas Road, or for the adventurous, tackling the wonderful Arbutus filled trails at Thetis Lake. We are blessed here in Victoria to have such a myriad of running and walking terrain. If you like road running just head to Beach Drive and Dallas Road and take in the views. A particular favourite of mine is running from Gordon Head, where I live, through UVic, to Cedar Hill X Road, to Uplands, Lansdowne, down to Beach Drive and just running for as far as you like with the Ocean by your side. There is nothing quite like it. The Galloping Goose and Lockside Trails offer a mixture of road and path which is perfect on a hot day. The trails are shared by cyclists and dog walkers so you are never alone. For the die-hard trail runner the trails around Thetis can keep you occupied all day. Then there is the 10k route around Elk and Beaver Lake which for dog lovers is a bonus, offering up many water stops for your canine running companion, just remember to leash them during the summer near the beaches. With so much variety it is no wonder that Victoria is a runner’s haven, and why so many visitors pack their running shoes when they come here. It’s not only a great way to exercise while on vacation, but a good way to explore some of Victoria’s sights and landmarks. Over the next few blogs I will be doing just that, running and showing you what not to miss as you explore the Garden City.