Victoria is truly paradise for outdoor adventure lovers. Take a seaside walk along picturesque Dallas Road on any remotely gusty day and you’re bound to observe some of our city’s most hardcore outdoor enthusiasts coasting through the waves and soaring through the air. Kiteboarding (or kitesurfing) is an extreme open-water sport in which the kiteboarder rides a large wakeboard-esque board while directing themselves with a massive kite, jumping from the waves and hanging high in the air for what seems like an impossible amount of time. The windy conditions and fantastic view of the Olympic Mountains make Dallas Road Beach one of the area’s most popular kitesurfing spots for visiting and local enthusiasts alike. Last fall, local kiteboarder Larry Dennis strapped on a video camera and attempted a particularly daunting and awe-inspiring feat: He caught enough air to successfully leap over the Ogden Point Breakwater! For those of you who don’t know it, the Breakwater is the solid stone seawall that protects Victoria’s Inner Harbour from incoming waves and it measures between four to six meters (12 to 20 feet) high, depending on the tide. Dennis told the Huffington Post that it took seven years of dreaming and seven seconds of air time to become the first person to clear the breakwater. Check out the amazing video below, but be warned that he does express his excitement in language unfit for the ears of any young, future kiteboarders around. Is your inner adrenaline junkie feeling inspired? Victoria has plenty of kiteboarding options if you’d like to test out the waters, so to speak. The season has already started and runs all summer. Have you tried kiteboarding? Do you have tips for any beginners wanting to give it a try?