A mother goat with her kids at Beacon Hill Children's Farm in Victoria, B.C. Happy Tourism Week! Welcome to the first day of Tourism Victoria’s Tourism Week Spectacular, hosted by our sensational two-woman street team consisting of myself (Yannic), Tourism Victoria’s trusty marketing intern and Katie, our resident Brit Extraordinaire information counselor from the Visitor Information Centre. For Tourism Week, we’re putting the spotlight on our visitors because here in Victoria, we love visitors and visitors love Victoria! Last week the sensational street team visited the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, where we got to meet the baby goats as well as plenty of happy visitors. With so many cute baby goats to play with, how could anyone not be in a great mood? Today we’re going to introduce you to two young visitors we met on our trip to the farm. The Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, the petting zoo located inside Victoria’s largest and oldest urban park, is a favourite destination for kids of all ages during its busy summer season. Admission is by donation and allows visitors a hands-on experience with animals ranging from pigs and rabbits to llamas and peacocks. However, there’s no denying that the goats are the real stars of this show! The goats are especially popular among younger visitors, who love that they’re allowed to get in the pen to pet and brush the friendly goats. This time of year there’s always someone new to meet. Right now, the youngest goats are tiny four-day old triplets born on June 6 to a mama goat named Halo. Xander of Parksville, B.C. was having his very first experience with the goats when we met him and his parents. We talked to Xander’s dad, Mike, who told us that the family loves Victoria and tries to visit as often as possible, which is usually once or twice a year. “There’s so much to do here,” Mike said. “I enjoy the outdoors, but my lady loves the shopping.” Xander makes friends with the goats with help from Dad. The family also likes the variety of restaurants in town and always makes time to go down to the ocean at Dallas Road to see the amazing view of the water and the Olympic Mountains. Xander and his dad went inside the goat pen for a petting lesson, though Xander seemed more interested in imitating the goats climbing on the rocks. Of course, we couldn’t resist getting in the pen to pet a few goats ourselves, which is where we met Cheyenne. Cheyenne, from Chilliwack, B.C., was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the animals. Even though it was her first time to the petting zoo, she remembered all the goats’ names Cheyenne wanted to tell other visitors that Victoria is really cool and that there is lots of stuff to do here. The day before, she went for a walk along the ocean, where she helped a hermit crab find a home in a shell. One of her favourite places in Victoria is the Royal B.C. Museum, especially the First Nations exhibits. Cheyenne had a great time at the petting zoo and said she was definitely going to come back. We had a great time at the petting zoo meeting all the wonderful visitors. Next time, we’re going to time our visit so we can take part in one of the daily goat stampedes, when visitors make a human fence to help corral the goats to and from the big barn where they spend the night.