Victoria Bug ZooWelcome back to Tourism Victoria’s Tourism Week Spectacular. Yesterday we met some young visitors at the Beacon Hill Children’s farm, and today’s post is all about the kids too! It’s Katie the Visitor Information Guru here, to tell you that the goats aren’t the only family-friendly attraction in town. If you’re visiting Victoria with tiny tots or even a troupe of teens and need some inspiration, we have some local gems to share to keep everyone in your party amused. 1. Beacon Hill Park For readers of yesterday’s post with Xander and Cheyenne, you’ll remember Beacon Hill for the adorable petting zoo. Admission to the zoo is by donation, making it the cutest and cheapest place to go for an afternoon frolicking with baby goats, tiny piglets and a whole menagerie of other friendly animals. Seriously, this isn’t just for little ones – you’ll see people of all ages going gooey-eyed at the little critters here! Be sure to check out the goat stampede as well! The park itself is perfect for an afternoon stroll. Local birdlife abounds, with resident eagles and peacocks being highlights! For little ones, there’s also a great play area and facilities close to hand. Take a picnic and chill out in the shade after a hard day’s play. 2. Royal BC Museum Bursting with incredible artifacts and awesome exhibits, the Royal BC Museum can captivate kids of any age. Walk through Vancouver Island’s different habitats with lifelike creatures staring out at you, including a woolly mammoth (obviously no longer a common sight in Victoria!). Learn about a potlatch in the First Nations gallery or take a walk through Victoria in the 19th Century.Check out the latest exhibit, Race to the End of the Earth, all about the race to the Antarctic, complete with its own IMAX showing, Shackleton. Adrena LINE Zipline Advneture Tours3. Victoria Bug Zoo Creepy-crawlies of all species hang out here with super-friendly staff alongside to help you get your head around them. Glow-in-the-dark scorpions, centipedes, millipedes and tarantulas are all millimetres away from you, and if you ask nicely, you might be able to hold one!Take home a bug-inspired gift – how about a Cricket-Lick-It lollipop with a cricket inside? 4. Fisherman’s Wharf With a collection of 33 vibrantly-coloured floating homes and a boardwalk lined with diverse businesses, Fisherman’s Wharf is a great location to get lunch, or for the more adventurous, to take a whale-watching or kayak trip.If you’re lucky, you might see a harbour seal or two come up to the dockside! Take a harbour ferry back downtown for a neat alternative to the waterfront walk. 5. Adrena LINE If being 150ft off the ground and travelling at up to 60km/hr sounds like fun, then Adrena LINE is for you! This epic adventure consists of eight different ziplines sending you hurtling through Sooke’s incredible rainforest.No transport? No problem! A convenient shuttle can do the round-trip for you. Need some more awesome ideas? Drop in to the Visitor Centre at the Inner Harbour, or give us a call at 250-953-2033. Enjoy exploring!