Kaying with Kelp Reef in Inner Harbour, Victoria B.C. Today’s Tourism Week Spectacular will set you in motion…in a kayak! Last week, the spectacular street team went down to Fisherman’s Wharf to check out what was happening at Kelp Reef Adventures, one of Victoria’s local kayaking outfits. That’s where we met Shaunda, a university professor from Fredericton, N.B., preparing for a kayaking tour. One of the 7,000 delegates from across the country in town June 1-8 for the 2013 Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Victoria, Shaunda was taking advantage of the conference’s prime location and getting outside to experience Victoria’s natural beauty. She told us that she had been considering buying a kayak and thought her trip to the West Coast would be an ideal time to try one out. Here on her second trip to Victoria, Shaunda told us that she had always wanted to come to Vancouver Island. We met her near the end of her trip, but she said she hoped to come back to Victoria again next year, possibly to do a longer overnight kayaking trip. “I love it here. It’s very laidback, very friendly,” she said. “There’s no traffic congestion and it’s easy to get around. It’s a traveler’s dream.” Shaunda was getting ready for Kelp Reef Adventure’s signature tour: a three-hour journey along Victoria’s spectacularly rugged coastline. As well as enjoying breathtaking views, kayakers can mingle with diverse wildlife, including harbour seals, river otters, herons and Canada geese before a lunchtime stopover at a unique bull kelp reef. Kelp Reef Adventure’s gregarious and knowledgeable owner, Brad, led Shaunda through safety and equipment preparation before getting her suited up for the water. Of course, no kayaking get-up would be complete without the neoprene girdle known as a spray skirt. Then, thanks to Kelp Reef Adventure’s ingenious floating kayak launch next to the dock, Shaunda got into her boat without even getting her feet wet. Kelp Reef Adventures is tucked in amongst Fisherman’s Wharf’s famous floating homes, so the first challenge for kayakers is to maneuver a narrow stretch between the shore and the floating home next door on their way to the harbour.  Shaunda managed just fine, but according to Brad, about half of his kayakers crash into the house on their first try. Hopefully, the residents are used to all the thunks by now! With the sun shining and a slight breeze on the water, Shaunda was off for a beautiful day of kayaking. Visit our website for more information on Kelp Reef  and other outdoor adventures, and be sure to check out video of Brad doing barrel rolls in his kayak and some of the awesome underwater life he encounters.