Orcas breaching near Victoria, B.C.Welcome back to the Tourism Week Spectacular! Last week the sensational street team caught up with some adventurous visitors returning from whale watching with BC Whale Tours. Pamela and Matthew from Hamilton, Ontario were happy to tell us about their experience and the orcas they saw up close. Like Shaunda, featured in Wednesday's post, both Pamela and Matthew were in town for the 2013 Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Victoria, but didn’t want to spend their entire trip cooped up inside. Pamela and Matthew set out in a small 12-passenger Zodiac inflatable watercraft navigated by BC Whale Tours Captain, Tom, a marine biologist originally from Australia. They saw seals, bald eagles and harbour porpoises, but were starting to wonder if they would encounter any whales, when suddenly, an orca breached right behind their boat. From then on, the whale sightings were constant for the rest of their trip. “I lost track of time,” Matthew said. “I had a lot of fun being out on the water in the fresh air and seeing these amazing animals just having fun.” Once Tom found the pod, he stopped the boat in front of the orcas to let the animals decide how close they wanted to come to the boat. Immediately a male orca swam towards the boat to have a closer look at his spectators. “He came up right in front of the boat,” Pamela said. “It was pretty amazing.” Pamela and Matthew told us that they had a lot of fun whale watching and said that taking a break from the conference to do it was worth it. They also told us how beautiful they found Victoria, especially morning walks by the ocean along Dallas Road, near Binners’ Bed and Breakfast where they were staying. Numerous whale watching operators in town keep track of sightings of our local orca pods and other marine wildlife to help ensure you have an amazing trip. For more information on whale watching in Victoria, please visit our website.