As the fog rolls in, so do the spirits of Victoria's long forgotten residents. Whether you're an avid ghost hunter or simply enjoy how everything, even your coffee, turns a little more orange this time of the year, you'll get right in the Halloween spirit in Victoria.

If you're a daredevil:

The Ultimate Adrenaline-Inducing Activity: The Haunted Zipline 

Don't let anyone tell you that Victoria isn't up for a ghost-hunting, adrenaline-inducing adventure. You've heard all about Victoria's spirits, now hunt them down yourself! Explore the darkest corners and spooky galleries of the Maritime Museum of BC on a Ghost Hunt. With the help of a medium equipped with investigative devices, even the most courageous will get the chills. For another spooky adrenaline-filled experience head to the Haunted Zipline! You won't just hear of ghosts and monsters, you'll also feel them creeping up your back as you get ready to jump into the darkness, if you dare.

If you're a skeptic:

Don't believe that Victoria is British Columbia's most haunted city? Find out for yourself! Have you heard of the architect that killed people and poured them into the foundations to give his buildings "soul?" Think we're kidding? Take the Voices from the Past tour to find out just how bone-chilling the grounds of St. Ann's Academy can be. To meet more of Victoria's spirits, join John Adams and the Old Cemeteries Society on the Original Ghost Bus-tour or a Ghost Walk at Ross Bay Cemetery. They share how some of Victoria's celebrated ghosts came to be and, as experts when it comes to ghastly events in Victoria's past, will have you believing in all sorts of spirits by the end of the tour.

If you're a creature of the night:

Craigdarroch Castle's dark side Photo: Greg Aspa

Experience an elegant and intriguing Halloween experience in Victoria. Dracula will put you under his spell, dancing his way into your soul in the ballet world premiere at the McPherson Playhouse. Alternatively, Craigdarroch Castle is home to Victoria's Halloween Film Festival, showing classic thrillers and horror movies that will leave you fearing the darkness. If these old stories of dangerous creatures of the night and their mysterious grace stirred some part in you, put on your ball gown and mask to meet Victoria's most mysterious and elegant residents at North America's only Venetian style Masquerade Ball. What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than to dance into Victoria's mystifying darkness? 

If you're a pumpkin-loving Halloween aficionado:

Carving pumpkins is an art form too

Nothing makes you feel more like fall than a warm scarf, cozy boots and falling leaves. Soak in the season's beauty in Oak Bay while you view Pumpkin Art. Grab your favourite fall drink at one of Oak Bay's coffee shops before wandering through the fantastic display of hundreds of carved pumpkins, including art featuring the Beatles and the royal family. Don't miss the festivities at the bonfire later to complete your Halloween outing. For more artwork and the chance to put your skills to the test, carve your own pumpkin and enter the competition in Sidney's display of Pumpkins on the Pier.


For anyone looking for that little extra:

Daredevils, skeptics, creatures of the night and pumpkin-loving Halloween aficionados alike will enjoy the Spooktacular Fireworks at Bear Mountain. Start of your nightly Halloween festivities with a bang or conclude your fun-filled day with fireworks for an unforgettable Halloween.