This year, let's make an effort to love more, to cherish each other and ourselves more, and to spend more time with those we care deeply about. Wouldn't you be happier if you showed and received more love? So how do you go about letting more love into your life? Here are some ideas and food for thought.

Getting fit and outside near dallas road

Love Yourself

If getting healthier is somewhere on your list of New Year's resolutions, don't begin the year by torturing yourself on the treadmill and giving up all food groups at once. Instead, start slowly with a long walk or run along paths so beautiful that you'll forget you're exercising. For some healthy food inspiration, visit Be Love and Rebar. Don't forget to also reward yourself for your progress every now and then. May we recommend a lovely spa treatment?

Kayaking in the Inner harbour. Photo Deddeda Stemler.

Love Your Friends and Family

Turn off the electronics and share a moment with your friends and family. Hike up to one of Victoria's peaks, explore one of the city's castleskayak in the Inner Harbour or treat your loved ones to a little something special at one of Victoria's many restaurants. There are plenty of things to do, but it's up to you to make time.

Taking the dog for a lovely stroll. Photo Deddeda Stemler.

Love Your Pets

They wait for you when you come home and love you unconditionally. Show some love by going on a long walk, taking them to a park and making an effort to play more. And by the end, you and your pet will be just that much happier.

Whales loving life off the coast of Vancouver island.

Love the World Around You

Take a moment to look around and recognize just how beautiful the world is. Go for a cup of coffee or tea and take in the smell before you enjoy a sip, soak in the salty air and majestic nature of the orcas as you head on your whale watching adventure and recognize the undeniable beauty of Victoria's Inner Harbour. Stop to look and you'll see that the world is quite beautiful.

If you're looking to jump start your New Year's resolutions, plan your trip to Victoria now and experience how happy a little more love can make you feel.