It's a family affair at Moon Under WaterThe Beer Series: Part 3 of 5


The new Moon Under Water took shape in September, 2012 when the brewpub was purchased by the Potter/Ash family.

Prior to the takeover, Moon Under Water produced English session ales - lower alcohol, inoffensive, easy-to-drink beers; beers that could be "sessioned." Since the Potters have taken it over, Moon has reinvented itself as a German style brewery, producing unfiltered kellerbiers and becoming a true beer bar: serving beer in the proper glassware and featuring several rotating taps for guest brews, all of which are handpicked by Brewmaster Clay Potter.

Their fulltime roster of "German fusion" beers - West Coast interpretations of traditional German styles - debuted in November 2012 and include Creepy Uncle Dunkel, a dark, complex lager; Tranquility IPA, an award-winning India Pale Ale; Potts Pils - a pilsner named after Clay's father; and the Victorious Weizenbock , a strong, slightly spicy wheat ale. Seasonal releases have included the dark, malty Sticke (German slang for "secret"), and the strong Belgian-influenced Wedding Ale and Year One Wheat Wine.


Moon's change from English session ales to German brews didn't come about by chance; it was a natural progression. Having spent time in Germany honing his brewing knowledge and abilities, Brewmaster Potter developed a passion for German beers. That, combined with what he deemed to be a gap in market as "high quality German beers weren't being done", and that the brewhouse was specifically designed to produce German beers - one of the only brewhouses of its kind in Canada - created the perfect environment to begin brewing Potter's unique style of German fusion beers.

Plans and Aspirations

A relative newcomer to the Victoria beer scene, Moon Under Water is focusing on expanding their current range of beers and dialing down their production schedule before pursuing widespread distribution. Their latest seasonal release - a yet-to-be-named session lager - will soon join their fulltime roster and will also be the first of their beers to be sold in cans. As well, their hefeweizen - a beer that Potter calls his "baby" - will eventually become a permanent fixture in the brewhouse.

A common theme with all the breweries surveyed as part of The Beer Series, Moon also plans to begin barrel aging more of their beers and experimenting with the delicious funkiness of sour beers. With a distilling license in the works too, expect some of these sour and barrel-aged beers to go beyond the 12% ABV mark.