The Butchart Gardens located in Victoria, BC recently unveiled the much
anticipated Rose Carousel in the Children's Pavilion at the beginning of
December 2009. The only one of its kind on Vancouver Island, the Rose Carousel
has nearly thirty hand-carved, hand-painted animals that reflect the
international variety of travellers who visit The Butchart Gardens each year.

There are also two specially designed chariots to accommodate disabled
visitors. The Children's Pavilion, designed by well known Victoria architect
Terence Williams, will be a domed 7,500-square-foot pavilion with an event room
and the reconstructed Coffee Bar West.

The Children's Pavilion has incorporated LEED design principles and
criteria, exemplified by such features as the living green roof planted with
native mosses and sedum, which allows the architecture to blend into the
existing landscape of the nearby Rose Garden. Other sustainable design features
include radiant floor heating produced by an on-site water to water geothermal
heat pump, the use of natural light and natural ventilation techniques to
offset energy consumption. The Rose Carousel is sure to appeal to the young and
the young at heart, while at the same time leaving a child-sized carbon

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