Much like Victoria Spirits, Big Wheel Burger is another recent addition to
Victoria's list of carbon neutral companies

and they are Victoria's first carbon neutral fast food restaurant. Big Wheel was founded on the idea that fast food didn't have to mean junk food and they embody this philosophy in every facet of their business.

Several of their sustainability-orientated initiatives are:

  • Making their burgers with hormone-free Angus beef from Alberta
  • Saving millions of litres of water per year by using air-cooled refrigeration units instead of water-cooled units
  • Choosing not to sell bottled water
  • Composting all wrappers, cups, plates, cutlery and food
  • Converting their used fryer oil into biodiesel

As a result, Big Wheel uses 35 per cent less energy than an average fast-food restaurant and 70 per cent less water than a conventional restaurant. As well, composting alone has reduced
their carbon footprint by a whopping 74 tonnes!  Through their energy-saving and composting efforts, only 67 tonnes of carbon emissions remain and these are then nullified through the purchase of carbon offsets in order to achieve full carbon neutrality.

Bravo, Big Wheel Burger!