From its inception in 2005, CVS Cruise Victoria has always conducted operations with the environment in mind.

Bus touring has long been recognized by environmental groups as a more
environmentally-friendly way to sightsee, as opposed to doing so by car, but
CVS has taken their environmental stewardship a step further than most
companies by embracing the use of biodiesel, which has consequently reduced
their emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants by almost 50 per cent.

Biodiesel is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable plant-based fuel that is ten
times less toxic than common table salt. CVS primarily uses soybean and canola
oils to create their Bio-Diesel, but it can be produced by modifying any
vegetable oils or animals fats (for all you science geeks, this process is
called transesterification).  Once created, it can then be used in any standard diesel-engine vehicle.

Initially CVS used B50-50 biodiesel - and were the first major bus company
on Vancouver Island to do so - but in 2008 they then upgraded to B100-100 type
fuel. This means that all of their buses are now entirely powered by pure, bio-degradable Biodiesel.

Way to go CVS!

For more information about CVS Cruise Victoria's environmental initiatives,
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