We are blessed to live in such aforward-thinking, eco-conscious city. In that spirit and in celebration of this past Monday's Earth Day, we have begun a series of blog posts
chronicling local businesses that embody the philosophy that every day is earth
day: Victoria's Climate Crusaders!

Just declared this most recent Earth Day, local producer of boutique bitters and spirits, Victoria Spirits, is now 100% carbon neutral. Although heavily constrained by the fact that most of their carbon footprint is due to scope three emissions (i.e.  most emissions are the result of the third-party transport companies who ship their product), Victoria Spirits took it upon themselves to fully nullify all of their associated greenhouse gas emissions. Although this was done primarily by purchasing 29 tons of carbon offsets, over the past couple years Victoria Spirits has also taken a number of in-house steps to minimize their carbon footprint as well.

These include:

  • Powering their still with carbon neutral wood
  • Only using recycled paper
  • Recycling all hard plastic, glass, cardboard and paper
  • Donating the "heads" of each distillation to a biofuel
         co-op, who then use it to make biodiesel

Furthermore, future environmental initiatives planned for 2013 include recycling all soft plastics, converting remaining halogen lights to LED bulbs, analyzing the potential use of Step Forward Paper and striving to source all production imports as locally as possible.

For complete information, be sure to
check out their 2013 Sustainability Report and corresponding press release.

Cheers, Victoria Spirits!