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Willows Beach and the Estevan Village is still considered Oak Bay, but this is a special area, so it gets its own write up. A nice way to spend the day is to hit up Willows Beach for a stroll and a play, and then either walk or drive up to Estevan Village. The food is great here and the kids will surely be amused. There are also a few shops to poke around in. This area really has it all!

Uplands Park
The main entrances into Uplands Park are located on Beach Drive, Dorset Road, and Midland Road.

Uplands Park offers numerous walking trails. The park is a pretty vast wild stretch of undeveloped land, complete with little bluffs, open fields, and paths throughout a light forest. It is a great place to picnic in the summer and really let the kids explore nature. In the winter and colder months it's still fun to bundle up and trek through here.

Cattle Point
Cattle point is considered part of Uplands Park and runs along Beach Drive. This is also a fun area to explore...you can bramble along the rocks along the ocean's edge as you watch kayakers go by.

Willows Beach
Willows is a fantastic beach. There is a playground just beyond the parking lot, complete with swings and two different sized play areas. And then there is the beach...it is a long stretch of white sand that extends a good bit in both directions, perfect for gathering little treasures, or even swimming in the summer.

There is a concession here- it is pretty 'concessiony', so if you can hold out for better food I would recommend that (or come with a picnic). There are washrooms right at the playground.

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