IMAX Film Festival

The IMAX® Film Festival is a celebration of the original format of IMAX®: 70mm film. Now filmed primarily by digital means, 70mm is a brilliant film projected on the same giant screen, taking you on the same bold adventures. This year's festival will feature six classic films spread over four fun weeks from March 21 until April 21! Films play on the hour and include Dolphins, Majestic White Horses, Adrenaline Rush, Adventures in Wild California, Penguins, and D-Day: Normandy 1944! Choose one or see them all with a Film Festival Package for $36 plus tax, or, buy an Annual Pass for $46 plus and enjoy IMAX all year long!

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival

For six weeks from March 31 to May 12, over five thousand Victoria-area performers and students of music, dance and dramatic arts are on stages open to the public throughout the city receiving adjudications from renowned experts in the arts. Performances in Brass, Classical Guitar, Choral, Composition, Dance (Ethnic, School and Studio), Fiddle, Musical Theatre, Piano, School Bands, School Orchestras, Speech and Dramatic Arts, Strings, Vocal and Woodwinds by talented youngsters and adults take place daily throughout Festival.

Canada's Titanic: The Empress of Ireland

Discover the tale of Canada's Titanic - The RMS Empress of Ireland which sunk in the Saint Lawrence River in the early morning hours May 29, 1914 - the largest maritime accident during peacetime in Canada. This exhibit tells the story of a ship which was responsible for much of the immigration to Canada and the tragic story of her loss at sea. The exhibit begins April 29 and is on until September 29.