Not content to check out only the well-known attractions of a destination, Cultural explorers want to truly immerse themselves in the culture of wherever they go.

This means getting off the beaten track, exploring heritage sites, sampling hole-in-the-wall restaurants, checking out festivals and living "la vida local." Three places you may spot a Cultural Explorer in Victoria are:

1. Picnicking at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse

A National Historic Site of Canada and an important symbol of British, Colonial and Canadian sovereignty since 1860, Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse commemorates the national significance of the Victoria-Esquimalt coast artillery fortress in the defence of Victoria, and the larger defence strategy of the British Empire and Canada from 1878 to 1956.

Not only do Cultural Explorers love learning about the historical significance of Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse, but also the multitude of activities they can do there. The surrounding park area is a mecca for wildlife and bird watching, photography, picnicking and storm watching during the winter months.

2. Paddling the Gorge Waterway and Inner Harbour

Especially spectacular during sunset, one of the best ways to experience Victoria is by sea. The spectacular, sheltered Gorge Waterway and Inner Harbour make for a picturesque and easy paddle, and afford visitors and locals alike a unique vista of the city. Cultural Explorers love to take advantage of this and can often be found on a guided paddling tour, or renting their own kayaks for the day from a place like Ocean River Adventures.

3.Imbibing at local brewpub

Cultural Explorers love to do as the locals do and it's no secret that Victoria locals love local beers. That means that one of the best places to spot a Cultural Explorer is at one of the city's brewpubs, often with a taster flight of local brews in front of them. Swans, CANOE, Moon Under Water or Spinnakers; any of the city's brewpubs will do!

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