While its legendary beer scene may get the majority of the publicity, Victoria's producers of other alcoholic beverages are no slouches either. Award-winning wineries, cideries and distilleries all call the area home, and with summer right around the corner, what better to time to celebrate them with some delicious summery drinks!

Hopefully you're thirsty

Unsworth Rosé
If mixed drinks aren't your thing, or the heat has sapped your strength and you just happen to be feeling a little bit lazy, go for a straightforward glass of the Unsworth Rosé. A classic European summer beverage, a glass of chilled rosé is a godsend on a warm day.

Drink this

It's tasty

Island Runner
A taste of the Caribbean right here at home! The Island Runner combines five ounces of Sea Cider's Rumrunner cider, one lime wedge, three ounces of pineapple juice and three dashes of grapefruit bitters.

Muddle the lime wedge with the bitters, add ice, pour in the Rumrunner and top with pineapple juice, then garnish with a slice of lime.




Shiso Lovely
This Japanese-influenced cocktail combines local Victoria Gin with a refreshing burst of cucumber, perfect for a hot summer's day. The Shiso Lovely mixes two ounces of Victoria Gin, two ounces of pear nectar, two shiso leaves and a quarter-cup of cucumber.

Muddle the shiso and cucumber, add the Victoria Gin and pear nectar, shake on ice and garnish with half a shiso leaf.

Local cider

Local berries

Cider Sangria
A new spin on a summer standby, sangria made with cider is every bit as delicious as it's wine-based brethren and the options for it are endless. A standard mix is - depending on how many people will be enjoying it - one or two bottles of Merridale House cider (feel free to also use one bottle of House Cider and one bottle of Merri Berri), a handful or two of local berries and, for that extra kick, a splash of Merridale Frizz: their fruit-based vodka.

Mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher and serve over ice. Simple, fresh and delicious!

The end, enjoy!