Two of the X-Men in Hatley ParkFrom X-Men to Smallville, the special spots that have made the WestShore famous

When it comes to choosing locations for filming, visual appeal is a crucial aspect, and Greater Victoria and the WestShore have it in spades!

From commercials and television shows, to documentaries, mini-series and feature films, the list of productions that chose the WestShore as their backdrop is impressive. The natural landscape of the WestShore with its similar beauty has doubled for Northern California, Washington State, Oregon, and even the Michigan wilderness. Production companies also choose Victoria for its proximity to Metro Vancouver, nicknamed "Hollywood North."

One of the most famous locales is Hatley Park, currently home to Royal Roads University and Hatley Castle. The list of films created at Hatley Park goes back as far as 1933 when Kathleen Dunsmuir provided the funding for Crimson Paradise, Canada's first-ever talking motion picture.

Visitors to the WestShore can now walk in the steps of a super hero. One of Hatley Castle's most high-profile movie appearances is as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in the popular X-Men films (X-Men; X-2; X-Men: The Last Stand; X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and television series including Smallville and Arrow.

The grounds of Hatley Park have also featured in The Magician's House, the six-part TV series based on author William Corlett's children's novels that were filmed here for broadcast on CTV and the BBC. Hatley Castle was also the location for a jewel heist staged for use in the Swedish edition of the reality TV series The Mole, and more recently was cast as an eccentric billionaire's New Jersey estate in Fierce People.

Television and film production puts millions of dollars into the Capital Region's economy and the WestShore is one of the most valuable film locations in B.C. So come walk in the steps of the stars, or create your own movie magic! WestShore is full of special spots that have made the area famous.