When you think baseball, what teams spring to mind? The Yankees? The Red Sox? The Blue Jays? In Victoria, baseball means the HarbourCats. And locals and visitors alike are on the baseball bandwagon.

The HarbourCat (Felis portus) is a North American mammal of the cat family Felidae, first appearing in the Victoria area during the early months of 2013. It is a unique species, found predominantly in the Pacific Northwest region of Canada and the United States, including the southern portions of British Columbia and Washington and Oregon states. The HarbourCat is also a "protector" of Victoria's harbours and is not be afraid to tangle with any (sports) foe that comes its way!

That's the back story on the team name and mascot. What the HarbourCats are really is Victoria's team in the West Coast League, a collegiate-level, wood bat baseball league of 45 players (selected during the 2012 MLB Draft). The team plays 27 home games from June through August against teams from British Columbia, Washington and Oregon at historic Royal Athletic Park in Victoria.

There are still several games left in the 2014 season. Come on down and enjoy the beautiful weather; grab a drink and some game food, and cheer on Victoria's team. Check out the website for game dates and times.