1. Stunning Looks

All it takes is one good look and you're hooked. Elegant heritage buildings, inviting and cozy nooks and pubs, a beautiful and friendly smile (after all, it's the world's third friendliest city) and a stunning backdrop of green rolling hills, crashing waves and picturesque mountains will have your heart pounding faster. It's love at first sight!


Flying directly into victoria's harbour.

2. A Bit of a Challenge

The best lover loves a little challenge. After flirting with the idea of visiting Victoria, you'll have to decide for yourself if you'd rather take a ferry or fly to Victoria; now that's a challenge. Whether it's the wind in your hair as you take the ferry to the island or the breathtaking view from the plane, the trip is half the fun.


discovering Victoria's rich history.

3. Cultured and Educated

Once you've made it to Victoria, you won't be disappointed. This lover is cultured and educated, ready to tell you the vivid story of a vibrant place and hoping you'll join them on an exploration of historical sitesbeautiful castles, modern art or a loud, fun and unforgettable music festival.


burning calories for a delicious desert.

4. Looks out for you

Your well-being is Victoria's main concern. Your lover will ensure you're staying healthy and getting spoiled at the same time. You'll get to explore the vibrant culinary scene, with plenty of healthy, yet unbelievably delicious food choices. You'll have a partner in crime as you discover the great outdoors to stay fit. And at the end of the day, let the city lull you into a relaxed state at one of the spas.


meet your personal trip planner.

5. Good Listener

A good lover listens and joins you on whatever adventure you'd like to head on! Victoria knows what it is you're looking for before you even know you had that many options. Simply head to the Visitor Centre or give them a call and they'll set up exactly the trip you had in mind.


We're all a little different, that's the way Victoria loves you.

6. Loves You for Who You Are

Everybody's a little different, quirky and unique, just like Victoria. That's what we love about you! Bring all your baggage and let this place be home. Sleep in, have breakfast for dinner, pull out the eccentric or strange shirts you'd never wear to work and just be you.


finding love in canada's most romantic city.

7. Truly Romantic

When has anyone ever taken you to an enchanted castle, played hide and seek in the nooks of a stunning garden, surprised you with a sunset boat ride and escorted you to a candlelight dinner in a horse-drawn carriage all in one day? Exactly. You'll never find a more romantic lover than Victoria.


Victoria, full of laughs.

8. Makes you Laugh

Once you've watched a hilariously brilliant show at the Belfry Theatre, met the seals in Fishermen's Wharf and tried all of the strangest Macaroon flavours you'll be laughing until your belly hurts, beaming with pure happiness. And at that point you'll just how quickly you've fallen in love with Victoria.


its about spending time together.

9. Doesn't let you down

At the end of the day, you may want a little more than just a fling, as nice as it's been. Rest assured that Victoria is a lover you can rely on. The soft pillows of Victoria's hotels will be your crying shoulder and Rogers Chocolate will bring your mood right back up. Victoria will encourage you to get out of the house for an adventure when you need to get off the couch. And will be there whenever you need a friend, welcoming you with open arms.


as soon as you leave, you'll miss this place.

10. As soon as you say goodbye, you miss Victoria

But how do you know that you've truly fallen in love? That Victoria is "the one?" Easy. The thought of boarding a ferry or plane to leave Victoria tears at your heart and you long to come back before you've even left.