Niagara Creek Trestle

Live life on the edge as you kiss your love. With the view and soundscape of Victoria's Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park rushing past you, this kiss will have the adrenaline rushing through your body at illegal speeds. 


Sharing a kiss in fan tan alley. 

Fan Tan Alley

Find a nook in North America's narrowest commercial street to steal a kiss. For a little extra luck, pass through the Gate of Harmonious Interest and the red streetscape in Chinatown.


On a Ferry

Have you ever dreamed of standing at the bow of a ship, sailing into the sunset and spreading your arms like wings, with your love standing behind you (picture Titanic)? This is your chance! Take the Coho from Port Angeles to Victoria or BC Ferries from Vancouver to Victoria for stunning views and a kiss that will give you goose bumps.


taking in the view at mount douglas. 

Mount Douglas Park

Shout your love from the hilltop! After climbing Mount Douglas and having your breath taken away by the stunning 360 degree view of Victoria and the surrounding waterways, islands and mountains, give your love a kiss.


Bed & Breakfast

Trust our romance experts to prepare the perfect romantic accommodation for you. Book your stay at a small Bed & Breakfast and enjoy the thrilling experience of a heartfelt kiss in private.


No better way to be greeted in Victoria, than with a kiss. 

The Airport 

Nowhere does a kiss mean as much as when you're just about finally see each other again! Pick up your love with a breathtaking kiss as they hop off the floatplane or at the Victoria International Airport (YYJ).


At a Romantic Restaurant

Add a little flavour to your kiss at one of Victoria's many restaurants. For a special treat, let the culinary delights at Il Covo Trattoria help with the butterflies in your stomach. Order their delicious spaghetti for the chance to add a little Disney magic to the moment a la Lady and the Tramp.


getting swept of their feet in the inner harbour.

In the Inner Harbour

In Victoria's Inner Harbour, you won't run out of beautiful locations to kiss. With the elegant legislative buildings as your backdrop, this kiss will spark a whole new love, brighter than the Legislature's lights.


The Lochside and Gallopping Goose Trails

You'll have to catch your breath, not just from the kiss, but also from the stunning landscapes you've just passed on your bike ride along the Lochside and Galloping Goose trail. Make sure to plan a kiss for a little extra motivation to make it all the way to the end of the trails.


kissing in the rain. 

In the Rain 

Or better yet, under a rainbow. Don't sweat the possibility of less-than-perfect weather, embrace it. Sing in the rain, dance in the rain, kiss in the rain, and warm up at the fireplace at a cocktail lounge or at your hotel later.