Halloween and fall may have snuck up on you, but you still have plenty of time to treat yourself. Leave the mass-produced candy bars and potluck Halloween foods to the kids and enjoy some real autumnal taste sensations.

Chocolate Serenity

We've long known that chocolate is good for the soul, so good in fact that Rogers Chocolates' founders, Charles and Leah Rogers haunt Victoria's oldest chocolate shop to this day. They often slept in the kitchen of their store and began what has since become a haven for chocolate lovers. You'll find plenty of unique treats at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory just down the street and Sirene's award winning chocolate comes with a unique chocolate and tea pairing at Silk Road Tea.

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They come in all colours of the rainbow and more tastes than you could imagine: macaroons. Bon Macaron has perfected the art of inspiring and baffling with bite-sized punches of flavour. Don't even try to argue your way out of this one (they have gluten free and vegan options) - you have to try at least one of their fantastic macaroons in your life.

Afternoon Tea

Celebrate fall with a classic culinary highlight. Taste your way through a variety of teas, sandwiches, scones and small treats. It's no trick. Afternoon tea is a wonderful experience. If you're feeling Victoria's frightful spirit, make your way to Venus Sophia for their Halloween Afternoon Tea.


Want to dedicate an entire meal to the sweeter side of life without feeling judged (although we'd love to join you on a sugary adventure through Victoria)? Begin your day with a plate full of the most delicious assortment of breakfast foods. Both Willies Bakery and the Dutch Bakery would love to serve you a full plate of waffles, pancakes, syrup-covered bacon, French toast, muffins, baked goods and more. Hungry yet? Come visit!

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Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too, as there's always more to be had. Be Love has baked cake after cake, all for people like you who can't get enough. How about this Mandarine orange cheezecake with chocolate spice crust, for example? Whether you're a chocolate and mint, blueberry or ginger lime person, you'll be in love.

Mandarine orange cheezecake with chocolate spice crust! Last chance to pick up cake before the holidays folks!

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To celebrate autumn, local breweries and cideries present you with a wonderful collection of seasonal favourites. Swans crafted an excellent Pumpkin Ale and Spinnakers put a twist on pumpkin, brewing a unique Spiced Latte Pumpkin Ale. Next to a wide array of very limited and absolutely delicious fresh hop beer, you also need to try Merridale's Ghost Cider.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Don't wait until St. Patrick's Day to kiss a ginger. Instead try Cold Comfort's "Kiss a Ginger" ice cream sandwich. Their unique and ever-changing flavours and all-around unbelievably delicious ice cream and sandwiches are great any time of year. The intimate experience with this ginger will leave you with flushed cheeks and a sweet taste on your lips.

Mixed Drinks

Don't hesitate to make your drinks as colourful as Victoria's fall foliage. Veneto's mixologists mix ginger, caramel and just the right amount of punch into an elegant cocktail called Cara Cara Caramel that will leave you speechless. Or taste the utterly delicious combination of cinnamon infused brandy, hot apple cider and blackberry juice served at Be Love - it's nothing short of magical. While you're out, make sure to try Clive's Halloween "twits on a trident" called the Morning Star, or ask your bartender to whip you up a masterpiece worthy of autumn in Victoria. Home to wonderful cocktail lounges and expert mixologists, Victoria is the perfect fall getaway and will leave you feeling toasty as you sip your drink.