Making 2016 travel plans yet? We narrowed it down to these reasons why Victoria, British Columbia, must be on your bucket list!

1. Feel Ultimate Relaxation

Victoria is well known for being the ultimate place for relaxation. Settle into the chairs at McNeil Bay, overlooking the ocean and mountains, and soak it all in. You're unbelievably close to a bustling city, but you may as well be hundreds of miles away from all worries and the daily grind.

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2. Reach New Heights

Welcome to outdoor paradise! Whether you're more into hikingkayaking or some other outdoor activity, you've come to the perfect place.

3. Experience Beach Paradise

They come in all shapes and sizes here: sandy, with pebbles, rocky or outright wild. With lots and lots of wonderful beaches Victoria is a paradise. Check out these 10 Beaches Worth Travelling For and find out for yourself.

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4. Meet Incredible Wildlife

Home to seven Orca babies and their families, seals, otters and many more of the ocean's coolest creatures, Victoria's waters make for incredible wildlife and whale watching!

5. Let the Views Take Your Breath Away

Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, surrounded by beautifully rugged nature you're bound to be left speechless by the natural beauty of this place!

6. Sip Special Brews

Taste your way through uniquely Victorian craft brews, discover the variety of cider flavours at the orchards and find out what gives Victoria's specialty spirits the local twist.

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7. Savour the Freshest Foods

Don't think twice about where the excellent food on your plate may be coming from: Victoria's vibrant farm to table restaurants source from Vancouver Island's rich lands and oceans. Let them present you with their astonishingly tasty culinary creations!

8. Spring to Life

Victoria comes to life with spring's longer days. Cherry blossoms, blooming gardens and a general atmosphere of excitement add a level of vibrancy to the Garden City you need to experience for yourself.

9. Soak up the Sun

Summers are pure joy here! Enjoy the sunshine on a walk along the coast, attend a multitude of festival and events and revel in the city's relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere.

10. Get Your Spook On

As the leaves turn to brilliant yellow, orange and red, Victoria's long forgotten residents emerge from the shadows. Their presence has earned Victoria the name of British Columbia's Most Haunted City. Meet the ghosts yourself, if you dare!

11. Get Festive

Victoria is nothing short of magical at Christmastime! Festive lights turn the city into a magical winter wonderland. Browse craft markets, ride the Ferris wheel and attend events that will have you humming Christmas tunes as you stroll through the cobblestone streets.

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12. Experience First Nations History

In Victoria, you won't just read about the First Nations. Visit the Royal BC Museum to experience their Living Languages exhibit and engage all your senses to dive into the fascinating world of the area's first residents.

13. Visit Canada's Oldest Chinatown

What used to be the centre of gambling and opium dens has since turned into a quaint Chinatown that's well worth the visit. Hop on a carriage ride to explore town and find out why they call Victoria Canada's Most Romantic City.

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14. Tour a Castle

No need to fly all the way to Europe. The two exquisite castles that adorn Victoria are fit for royalty and open to the public.

15. Shop Till You Drop

Victoria's colourful heritage buildings now house a rich variety of upscale boutiques, perfect for a little shopping.

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16. Pinkies Up

You haven't lived if you've never tried Afternoon Tea! With a West Coast twist on the British tradition, tea is an absolute must.

17. Begin Your Adventure Early

Getting to Victoria is half the fun! Start your adventure the right way: with a view of Vancouver Island's stunning surroundings from the float plane or ferry.

18. Rock Out at Unique Festivals

Whether you like jazz and blues, the newest pop and rock hits or breathtaking buskers performances, there's always something going on in Victoria that's sure to keep you entertained well into the night!

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19. Explore Victoria's Cute Neighbourhoods

As an extremely walkable city, Victoria surprises with charming neighbourhoods and corners such as Fisherman's Wharf.

20. Marvel at West Coast Sunsets

When the sun touches the hills, Victoria appears in a whole new light. No picture will ever do justice to the magic of a true West Cost sunset justice. You'll have to come and see it for yourself!