Left your holiday shopping to the last minute? Fear not...Victoria has got you covered. From Uptown and Mayfair Shopping Centre to The Bay Centre and Fabulous Fort Street, you're sure to find last-minute holiday gifts for all of your loved ones.


Dragon Impact - 764 Yates St, Unit #102

Who wouldn't want a new twin blade for their weapon wall? Whether your LARPing friends are after a new costume item or perhaps a unique piece of steampunk décor, Dragon Impact is the place to find it.

Hanging EDC tools on the Christmas tree. #yyj #victoria #edc #everydaycarry

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Curious Comics - 631 Johnson St in Downtown Victoria, and 844 Goldstream Ave in Langford

It's exactly what it sounds like. Curious Comics is Victoria's comic book haven, where you'll find anything from vintage-edition Archie to the latest issue of Adventure Time. 

Downtime #comics #canada #solotime #curiouscomics

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Capital Iron - 1900 Store St

For the outdoor lover in your family who never seems to have enough gear, Capital Iron is gift mecca. From water bottles and sleeping bags, to that obscure piece of climbing equipment that only really makes sense when you're using it, they've got it all.


Cherry Bomb Toys - 1410 Broad St

If you're looking for something unusual, Cherry Bomb Toys is packed with unique, collectible vintage toys, records and more from the 50's through the 90's. A local favourite, Cherry Bomb is a very cool shop to browse, explore and discover unique items from the past.


Oscar & Libby's Gift Store - 795 Fort St, and 560 Johnson St (in Market Square)

With a shop named after two resident kitties, it's safe to say that you'll find gifts for the upbeat and offbeat at Oscar & Libby's. Games, puzzles, books and novelty items galore will be yours to explore.


Fan Favourites - 760-B Yates St

Victoria's self-proclaimed video game and movie geek central, Fan Favourites is a one stop shop for any movie or game lover. They've got a massive selection of both mainstream and indie genres, so you'll be sure to find that obscure game or film your best friend has been raving about.

Here's what's going out today! Loads of boxed #GBA games, great #SNES games, excellent #dvds, and some rad swag! #yyj #Nintendo #StarWars

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Silk Road - 1624 Government St

And finally... for the tea lover who really just wants to relax, a gift box or tea set from Silk Road Tea is always a safe bet. Insider tip: you get tea samples while you shop. We suggest you go there, now.

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Now that you've got some great ideas, it's time to get shopping! If you're still looking for more inspiration, you can always check out our shopping page where we give you the inside scoop on Victoria's best boutiques, department stores, markets, antique shops and more.