With only a few days left to go, if you don't have a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, you better get going. And who better to ask for help than the experts in Canada's Most Romantic City? Check out these ideas for stunning last minute Valentine's Day gifts:


You've been running through my mind

Has your Valentine been running through your mind? Make sure they have the footwear to do it in style with the ultimate gift - personalized Converse! Home to the world's largest selection of Converse shoes, Baggins Shoes prints your image on a pair of your choice. With so many options to choose from, consider their Valentine's shoes or take your Valentine on a hunt for the perfect shoe.

Our love deserves a little treat-ment

Chocolate will always do the trick, but why not think a little outside the box (of undoubtedly delicious chocolates)? Take a trip down memory lane at the English Sweet Shop and choose the perfect treat to bring back memories of your first date. Alternatively, stun your loved one with a selection of Bon Macaron's aphrodisiac induced macaroons. Don't forget that all of their other flavours are also to die for, so get a whole box and make it a tasteful adventure.

I've been ado-ring you since you walked into my life

Beyoncé put it best, you should have put a ring on it. Already did? Nothing says "I love you" more than a little gift to show you still care. Visit one of Victoria's jewellers, experts in all romance related gift ideas, and you'll walk out with the perfect token of your love that would make anyone's heart stop. It's never too late for a little surprise!

I love you a latte! And you're my cup of tea

Start the day off with a cup of coffee or tea of the finest kind. The smell of that perfect cup of goodness first thing in the morning will get you started on the right foot. Next step: make a trip to one of Victoria's specialty tea stores or spend some time at a local coffee shop. After all, love is about spending time together.

I've got your back

The New Year may only be 45 days old, but unless you managed to start the year off with a complete stress reboot, it may be time to recharge the batteries. Show your partner that you've got their back with a professional and relaxing massage and allow yourselves to be engulfed in Victoria's romantic serenity.