Exhilarating! The excitement builds from the moment you board the boat. When the reel screams and the rod bends it seems as though the line can cut through the water and tension. "It's like nothing else in the world," describes Dan Kukat, who has been running the Springtide Fishing Charters for 22 years.


proud salmon catch. Photo: Springtide Charters

Why Fish in Victoria?

Unlike other fishing grounds, Victoria is a fantastic fishing destination year round. Only 15 minutes after departing from Victoria's Inner Harbour, you could be out on the sea, throwing out your lines and learning all about the difference between fishing Chinook salmon and halibut. Visual feeders, salmon are lured by trolling lures and baits while halibut rely on scent and require a little more patience to catch. In March, spawning Herrings make Victoria's harbour a bustling feeding ground for all kinds of bigger fish.

putting weight behind it. photo: Adam's Fishing Charters

Get Everyone on Board

The beauty of fishing is that you can be as involved as you'd like. Some dive right in, wanting to learn all about the best ways to lure in a salmon and feeling beyond ecstatic when their first catch is in the net. Others leave the heavy lifting to the experts, enjoying the scenery instead. Whether you're in it for the sun on your face or the thrill of the big catch, a fishing excursion is something everyone will enjoy.

Small fish, big story Photo: @mattparten

A Story for the Books

When asked about his best catch, Adam Heffelfinger, owner of Adam's Fishing Charters, asked "How tall are you?" The biggest halibut he's caught was almost 5'7'' long and weighed 165 pounds and his biggest Chinook salmon weighed 47 pounds. Now that's a dinner!
When we asked Dan the same question he laughed and told us about the time a fish jumped right into his boat, no bait required. Sockeye salmon tend to jump out of the water and this particular fish was charging right at the boat, spurring an excited call for bets as to whether or not the salmon would make the jump right into the boat. And indeed, it did!

Enjoying the sunset Photo: Westshore fishing

Get Hooked

While Dan could hardly contain his excitement when recounting the moment he gets a fish tugging at the line, Adam described his fascination with the ocean and the mystery the depths hold. Both men, along with numerous other local fishing charters, have taken visitors out to fish for over 20 years and love to share their passion with beginners and experts alike. So reel in the excitement, get a unique perspective of Vancouver Island's natural beauty and catch your dinner while you're at it!