Victoria is the gateway to comic galaxies and colourful worlds brighter than your most vivid dreams. Get lost in "Nervana" and experience Epic Funnerocity on the unimaginable scale. Here are four ways you can dive into Victoria's world of Megatronic Playfullism.

Spiderman watching over treasures at Cherry Bomb Toys.  

Step Into the Time Machine

Hero in hand, you were invincible as a kid! Which toy never left your side and gave you the confidence to take on the world? Take a trip down memory lane at Cherry Bomb Toys and rediscover the long forgotten toys and arcade games that once meant the world to you. Next, pick the perfect soundtrack for your adventures at Lyle's Place, the place to find rare vinyl and CDs. Nothing brings back a memory like the song that played during your first kiss or your old singing-in-the-car standards.


Comics as far as the eye can see at Legends. 

Enter a Comic Galaxies

Dive into megatronic worlds! Start your trip to colourful comic galaxies with a stop at Legends Comics & Books. Owners Gareth, an award-winning cartoonist, and Lloyd will find you a comic that will quickly absorb you in its whirlwind of excitement for a story like you've never experienced before. Now that you've had a taste of the magic, check out the immense collection of new reading material at Curious Comics.


Milkshakes and Board games at the Board game cafe. 

Get Playful

Conquer new worlds and challenge your friends to one of over 500 board games that fill the shelves at the Interactivity Board Game Café. Nothing makes a visit as sweet as a bit of luck and a traditional milk shake. Take the fun home with a visit to Fan Favourites. Their immense collection of vintage gaming consoles and old favourite games will bring back all the Playfullism you never grew out of.


Helmets at Dragon Impact.  

Bring Unforgettable Gifts & Souvenirs

Forget about postcards and bring gifts and souvenirs so outside of the box that they'll make a great story at every family gathering. Distract the kids with uniquely playful toys from Kaboodle, funkify your desk with a solar powered waving Mona Lisa from Oscar & Libby's and protect yourself with an authentic Roman helmet and sword from Dragon Impact. Finally, pack all your newfound joy into a Zelda backpack from Fan Favourites to bring Victoria's Megatronic Playfullism home with you.