Since selling out in its first year, Social Media Camp quickly became Canada's largest social media conference and one of North America's most exciting and anticipated social media events. It perfectly illustrates why holding a conference or meeting in Victoria is nothing short of a capital idea. But what makes Social Media Camp so special? We asked speakers Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert, and Mike Gingerich, Facebook Marketing Strategist, why they're so excited to return to Victoria for Social Media Camp.


1. Positive Energy

Unlike stuffy, formal conferences, Social Media Camp sparks a buzz and energy that stimulates conversation. Mike compares the energy to a university social gathering. People can't wait to meet, learn and connect over shared interests. "It's an incredible dynamic," reveals Paul, co-organizer of Social Media Camp, "full of positive energy and great conversations!"


2. Stunning Setting

"I immediately fell for Victoria!" admits Mike. He initially heard about Social Media Camp from Viveka who loves the city for its culture, beauty and architecture. She describes Victoria as "modern, yet not overwhelming" and enjoyed watching incoming floatplanes as she sipped her coffee in a charming waterfront coffee shop. Walkable, picturesque and known for exceptional service, Victoria sells itself as a conference and meetings destination.


3. Engaged Audience and Unique Learning Opportunities

Viveka has spoken at conferences around the world and was thoroughly impressed by the focused and actively engaged audience in Victoria. As social media plays a crucial role in both business and personal lives, Social Media Camp caters to a mixed group of participants. To engage small business owners, marketing managers and social media experts, the conference offers a wide array of workshops and a coaching program. Volunteer coaches assist social media novices as they navigate the conference and help highlight action items that meet their strategic objectives. Viveka describes Victoria's thriving tech sector as "leading edge," explaining that in this city "people just get it!"


4. Perfect Size

While small conferences often fail to offer enough unique content to its attendees, large events presents too many workshops. As a result, people may frantically rush from one session to the next and Viveka expresses that "you feel like you're missing out." Social Media Camp, however, is the perfect size. It stuns with a large selection of workshops but, as Viveka puts it, "you can still touch everyone there."


5. Ample Networking with Internationally Acclaimed Talent

A high level of expertise among participants from all over the world makes for interesting conversation, spurred by the engaging setting and longer breaks. "I made new, lasting friendships and forged some business partnership opportunities from the event that were great and very helpful to me professionally," says Mike. Viveka fondly remembers forming "new relationships, better relationships and great friendships."


6. Extensive Culinary Scene and Activities to Enjoy With New Friends

Conversation should not stop as soon as a participant leaves the conference centre. With numerous restaurants and pubs in walking distance, networking expands beyond the meeting space in Victoria. Mike perfectly sums up what makes holding a meeting in Victoria so exceptional when he states that "I think one of the things that made this conference so unique was the flow from sessions to dining and nightlife afterward. We ended up with fairly large groups at dinner and for drinks in local pubs and hotel bars where the conversations kept flowing."


7. Relaxation and "A Breath of Fresh Air"

While in town, participants enjoy the many things to do in Victoria, such as ziplining, soaking in a hot mineral pool overlooking the ocean at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel or strolling through Fisherman's Wharf to meet local harbour seals. While Mike can't wait to go whale watching this year, Viveka looks forward to the joyful and relaxed feel of Social Media Camp. To her, coming to Victoria is "a breath of fresh air."

Social Media Camp inspires participants to engage in deeper conversations and form lasting relationships. Victoria, the world's first city to formally declare Social Media Day, is the perfect setting that Paul says "visitors absolutely love." After all, holding a meeting or conference in Victoria is nothing short of a capital idea!