Surrounded by stunning landscapes and home to fascinating wildlife, Victoria truly is full of life. Take a step away from the city's bustling core for a refreshing walk or hike.

Summer colours in Beacon Hill Park.

A Walk in the Park

Get outside and stretch your legs a bit as you explore Victoria. Begin in downtown and stroll through Beacon Hill Park until you reach Dallas Road, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Or venture a little further for more stunning views: Drive up Mount Douglas for a leisurely stroll with the best of views of the Island or explore Fort Rodd Hill, home to Canada's oldest lighthouse. For an easy walk away from any view of the city, explore the trails surrounding Thetis Lake and Elk/Beaver Lake.


Goldstream Waterfall. Photo: Tyson Airaksinen Photography

Get the Blood Flowing

Step up your game with a moderate hike through some of Victoria's favourite scenery. Discover the unique beauty of Matheson Lake or take a dip in the Sooke Potholes, rare geological formations of deep smooth pools. Explore the forest with all its secrets in Goldstream Provincial Park, a local favourite known for beautiful waterfalls and the annual salmon run in late October. Or escape from it all with a visit to the rugged coast in East Sooke or Jordan River. If you're unsure where to find Victoria's greatest views, join avid hiker Mike at on a tour that explores some of Victoria's hidden and most beautiful places and refuel with a lunch at Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse


Bring It On

For the more adventurous day hikers unafraid of a little more challenging terrain, Victoria offers breathtaking views and unmatched beauty. Mount Finlayson, located in Goldstream Provincial Park, and Mount Wells stun with their grand views of the area. The old train trestle, also located in Goldstream Provincial Park, is a must for the not-so-faint of heart if you're in the area!

East Sooke Regional Park and parts of the Juan de Fuca Trail challenge hikers along the rugged coastline and lush forests. Alternatively, hop over to one of the Gulf Islands and hike Mount Parke on Mayne Island or Mount Maxwell on Saltspring Island. These views are so breathtaking that you won't regret a single step up the steep slopes.


Hiking along the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Photo: Destination BC 

Pack a Tent, Spend the Night

Many experienced hikers begin their overnight excursions from Victoria to spend some time on the world's greatest trails. The West Coast Trail, a 75km long backpacking trail, hugs the southern coast of Vancouver Island and takes you past unusual rock formations, beautiful beaches and through challenging terrain. The trail is open May through September and reservations are required to limit the number of hikers on the trail. For a shorter and easier trek, hike the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Similar to the West Coast Taril, this 47km long adventure makes for stunning views of the Straight of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains and is home to an abundance of wildlife.